About Us

One of the most user-friendly and latest platfrom for all kind of businesses that can manage from mobile device from anytime and anywhere.

Who we are

THECHOIT started in 2020 as an easy-to-use and affordable alternative that anyone from anywhere can build a weblink from mobile device. Our philosophy from the beginning of THECHOIT to build a single,easy and user-friendly platform that help every businesses with their needs. Small businesses always lack with branding and also for them it's not easy to come online and sell product/services online because for them development and coding is not easy. So we have developed THECHOIT admin application that help every business to come online and build weblink without required any coding or techincal knowladge.

We have a clear vision to bring people and service businesses together and make it easy and affordable for every business. We want to offer a solution that can help thier business to grown and help to make new stretaigy.


was born


THECHOIT statered with the dream to provide every business a mobile app and web-link. But in 2022 there was a breakthrough with some stratrgic decisions concerning registeration process, integration of 3rd patry setup, prices and some registration process. We started THECHOIT with key points that always help us to grow our business family.

  • We understand our own strengths, skills and experience.
  • We always listen our customers and their business model.
  • Keeping balance between flexibility and complexity, usability and security.
  • Providing a best and user-friendly experience to build business website and get mobile application.
  • Support
    • We understand our and customers time values
    • We are 24x7 available
    • Never hesitate to write us and we will help you as fast as possible

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